Natural products: An emerging tool in parkinson’s disease therapeutics

Review Article

Author Details : Rohit R Doke, Prajalta A Pansare, Shivani R Sainani, Vrushali M Bhalchim, Shivani R Desai*

Volume : 5, Issue : 3, Year : 2019

Article Page : 95-105

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Parkinson’s disease is age associated chronic disorder of central nervous system characterized by selective loss of neurons in pars which causes functional impairment of . Although the cause of PD is still not known, but there are several factors such stress, genetic mutations, mitochondrial dysfunction, specifically and play role in of PD. The current treatment primarily includes and medications which only provides symptomatic relief and when drug therapy is fails to provide relief, the next step is surgical treatments. Unfortunately the current regimens have certain limitations with multiple side possess economic burden thus, there is a need to discovered new therapeutic approaches which have potential and minimum adverse effects. For many years, some from natural products have provided competent resource for the revelation of potential therapeutic agents. The anti-PD potential of these is because of their well anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory activities, their repressive role on of protein and the regulatory effects of PD cognate pathways. The intention of this review article is to cover the potential of against the in PD and to encourage the improvement in future novel treatment strategies predicated on natural sources.

Keywords: Neurodegenration, Natural products, Neuroprotective, Parkinsons disease, Phytoconstituents, Signalling pathways

How to cite : Doke R R, Pansare P A, Sainani S R, Bhalchim V M, Desai S R, Natural products: An emerging tool in parkinson’s disease therapeutics. IP Indian J Neurosci 2019;5(3):95-105

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